Sleep advice for a better night's sleep

Do not drink alcohol before sleeping

You may fall asleep earlier after a drink, but you will sleep much more restlessly, making it harder to get into a deep sleep and waking up faster.

Bye phone!

You probably already know this, but don't take your phone to bed with you. Do you use it as an alarm clock? Purchase another alarm clock. When you scroll through TikTok before bed, your brain wakes up and this does not benefit your sleep rhythm.

Make sure you get enough sleep

According to researchers, you need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep. To find out exactly how much sleep you need, go to bed 15 minutes earlier each day until you wake up fully rested. That's your ideal bedtime!

Set your alarm clock at a different time

Can't you wake up in the morning? It may be that when the alarm clock rings, you are just in a deep sleep. Set your alarm a little earlier or later to see if you wake up more refreshed.

Clean up your room

It sounds crazy, but according to scientists, a cluttered room makes for worse sleep. Piles of clothes or clutter make you unconsciously restless, which can cause a broken night. So clean up instead of scrolling through your phone!

Clear your head before you go to sleep

Do you lie at night brooding or preoccupied with what you have left to do? Clear your head before bed by writing down everything that is going on in your mind or talking about it. This really helps!

Sleep on an appropriate pillow

Of course, a good pillow is not always the solution for a good night's sleep, but a pillow suitable for your body is very important for a healthy sleeping position. This contributes to improving your sleep.

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