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Franky's, the solution to neck pain

Everyone sleeps in a specific sleeping position. Is your pillow not perfectly adapted to that? Then you will suffer from neck pain. Pain in the neck then causes you to fall asleep poorly, wake up unrested and simply experience a bad night's sleep. Have you already tried almost 100 pillows and are still not comfortable? Then meet Franky's; the customizable pillow that is suitable for every sleeper.

How does a pillow cause neck pain?

A pillow has a basic supporting function. The goal is to use a pillow to get your neck into an optimal position. With many options available today, this is simply not the case. For example, they are too hard, too soft, too thick or too thin. This is different for everyone, as every sleeper has different needs.

One pillow, 20 filling possibilities

Home adjustable, 4 foam layers

30 nights of testing

You may always test sleep for 30 nights on Franky's Pillow

One year warranty

We offer a one-year warranty on Franky's Pillow

Free delivery

Your Franky's Pillow is always delivered free of charge

How does Franky's Pillow work?

Franky's Pillow is an adjustable pillow. The big advantage of this product is that it is fully adapted to your body type and sleeping position. You do this on the basis of four different foam pillows and two compartments where you have access to. This gives you 20 different ways to build your pillow. You do this using the following step-by-step plan:
Unzip the pillow
Adding the first layer
Try out a combination as desired
Zipper up the pillow
Testing in practice

Is the pillow still not ideal and are you still experiencing neck pain? Then try a different filling combination until this is no longer the case. Neck pain will be a thing of the past when you have found the right filling option.

It was Frank himself who experienced solid neck pain for months after a car accident. Experts kept advising him solutions that didn't work. And so he took matters into his own hands and decided to develop the perfect pillow. Initially to solve his own neck problems. When that succeeded, he knew enough; this must be of great value to many more people.

Why would this work for me?

Neck pain is a serious problem. This is where you suffer during the day and night. Without intervening, the problems only get worse. By choosing the Franky's pillow, you offer your neck the support it needs in one go. As a result, there is no longer a continuous, unnatural pressure on the muscles in your neck. Slowly but surely your neck relaxes and the neck pain goes away.

I have been using the Franky's Pillow for a few weeks now. It. Is. Fantastic. I really don't want to buy another type of pillow ever again!

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Take back control of your sleep

With the right pillow, you give yourself the best chance of experiencing an optimal night's sleep. In this way you take back control of your sleep, which will lead to many positive effects in everyday life. For example:


Easier to fall asleep

Sleeping through the night in one sitting
Waking up with lots of energy

Better ability to concentrate

More motivation to do things

Get Franky's

So are you or do you know someone with neck pain? Do not wait any longer than necessary and take action immediately. Since we are sure that the product works, you can test sleep for no less than 30 days and it is possible to pay afterwards. Need help finding the ideal composition? Then feel free to let us know. We are happy to help you get rid of your neck pain!

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