The adaptable pillow for stomach sleepers

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Franky's, the solution for belly sleepers

Belly sleepers have a very specific sleeping position to which your pillow should actually be adjusted. If this is not the case, your sleep will be suboptimal. From falling asleep to sleeping through the night. Are you tired of trying out a different pillow every time? Then we at Franky's have good news for you. With a unique, adjustable pillow you can now perfectly tune your pillow to your individual sleeping position. It is the solution for stomach sleepers.

Not all pillows are suitable for stomach sleepers

A stomach sleeper has a fairly specific sleeping position, with potentially a lot of tension on the neck. You are relatively vulnerable in this position. All the more reason to take this into account in terms of pillows. Unfortunately, most standard pillows are not adjusted to this position. They are too thick, too thin, too hard or too soft. All things that make the problem worse.

One pillow, 20 filling possibilities

Home adjustable, 4 foam layers

30 nights of testing

You may always test sleep for 30 nights on Franky's Pillow

One year warranty

We offer a one-year warranty on Franky's Pillow

Free delivery

Your Franky's Pillow is always delivered free of charge

How does Franky's Pillow work?

At Franky's Pillow, the focus is on the adaptability of the pillow. This makes it possible for every stomach sleeper to create the perfect sleeping position. One in which your neck does not assume an unnatural problem position.

Thus, you have at your disposal two compartments, in which four different foam cushions fit. Thanks to these materials, it is possible to create 20 different combinations. This means that there is always a combination that is ideal for you. For example, for a stomach sleeper it is important that the pillow is not too thick and you will probably need fewer layers than a side sleeper.

The nice thing about this is that it's just a matter of unzipping, filling and unzipping the pillow again. Simply try out different combinations to find out what you feel best about.

This is also how Frank once approached it himself. After his car accident he had frequent neck problems. A new pillow finally proved to be the solution, after a long search. Today Franky's Pillow offers everyone the chance to get rid of all kinds of sleeping problems in one fell swoop.

Why would this work for me?

For every stomach sleeper, there is an individual sleep position. Even small differences lead to different needs. In addition, factors such as your height, shoulder width, weight and age also play a role. Even sleeping positions change over the years. With Franky's Pillow you choose an all-in-one solution. Adjust your pillow very subtly until you are lying comfortably and carefree in bed every night.

I have been using the Franky's Pillow for a few weeks now. It. Is. Fantastic. I really don't want to buy another type of pillow ever again!

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Take back control of your sleep

So are you all done with your poor sleep, neck problems and all sorts of other annoyances that come with it? Then take back control of your sleep with the pillow of the future. Soon, this is going to lead to:


Lying awake for less time


Waking up less often each night


Feeling fitter in the morning


No more neck pain

Get Franky's

We firmly believe that Franky's Pillow is the solution for every stomach sleeper. That's why we offer a 30-day trial sleep. With the options to pay in arrears and support in finding the optimal composition, we make the choice even easier. Place an order now and discover for yourself the power of an optimal pillow!

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