The best tips for neck complaints after sleeping

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Do you, like many others, suffer from neck complaints after sleeping? There is a good chance that this is caused by an incorrect sleeping position. A pillow and mattress that shapes and is customizable to your physique and sleeping postion can certainly help with this. There are of course numerous tips and guidelines developed against neck pain during (and after) sleeping, but it is of course most important that you feel comfortable and pain-free in bed. Certainly in these challenging times we can all use some extra tips, right? That's right, we thought that too and that's why we share our best tips for neck complaints after sleeping this week.

As always, keep in mind that these tips are not a quick fix for your symptoms. But these small adjustments can bring a positive change and improve your sleep. And as you know, that is of course our mission.

What is the best way to sleep if you have problems with your neck?

Here too, this depends on your sleeping position and physique. Are you curious about what kind of sleeper you are? Then read our one of our most read blog here. Depending on what type of sleeper you are, it is best to avoid pillows that are too high or stiff. This will cause your neck to flex during the night resulting in pain in the morning and stiffness. If you're one of the many side sleepers, make sure your spine is straight by choosing a pillow higher under your neck than your head. This depends on your build and weight. Are you a lightweight? And do you have a very stiff and hard pillow? Then your spine will not be straight and this will cause tension in the neck muscles.

Should I sleep with or without a pillow?

It is generally advisable to use a pillow and if you have problems with your spine such as scoliosis, for example, even without a pillow it can be dangerous for you. In these cases, always consult the care of professionals.

Are you sleeping on the right pillow for you?

Ask yourself; do I have the right pillow and do I have the pillow I need? Want to know more about this? Click here and read our article. What kind of pillow you need has a lot to do with what type of sleeper you are and your body weight. Are you looking for a pillow that suits you and will always be the right pillow for you? Choose whatever sleeper you are, for a Franky's Pillow. With the different compartments and layers you can easily adjust the firmness and thickness of your pillow. So even if something changes; your weight, preferences or more. You can easily change the pillow with you. Click here for more information.

Heat helps and provides relief

Heat provides relief and will ensure better blood circulation. Think of a hot shower or a cherry pit bag. You also have special creams with anti-flammatory painkiller as diclofenac. These creams will give immediate relief.

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