Franky's 5x best sleeping tips during quarantine

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5x best sleeping tips during quarantine

Almost every week we get questions from you if we have tips for a better night's sleep. Besides choosing a customizable pillow, there are of course many more factors that play a role in a good night's rest. Especially during these challenging times, everyone can use some extra tips. So we thought it was time to write another article and share our 5x best sleeping tips during quarantine.

These tips are not a quick fix, but with these small adjustments there will certainly be a positive change and your night's sleep will improve.

5x best sleeping tips during quarantine

Franky's 5x best sleeping tips during quarantine

Reduce and avoid stress - 1

Of course this speaks for itself; but before you go to sleep, try not to overexert yourself. Before you go to sleep, we always want to process the day and if you still experience too many new events, this is not beneficial. Also avoid scary movies, discussions and / or arguments.

It's all about temperature - 2

Did you know that the most ideal temperature for sleeping is between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius? No, that is not surprising, neither did we until we began our research. Yet many studies show that if it too hot or too cold in your bedroom you can experience problems while sleeping. Consistency is key, especially for your body. Lowering your body temperature also improves your night's sleep. Think of a warm bath, hot tea and breathable bedding. These things will warm up your body, to which it has to drop afterwards. The result? A better night's sleep.

Light on, or light off? - 3

Light can be very disruptive to your sleep cycle and a little bit of light can already be enough. So our tip; dim the light two hours before going to sleep. By doing this, the levels of melatonin won't be suppressed by the light. Melatonin is a hormone that your body naturally produces when your temperature drops, and is produced in the evening when it is dark. When melatonin is released, you get very sleepy and your body knows it is time to go to sleep. Not only the light from outside or from your lamps has a negative effect on this, but also the blue light from your telephone or laptop. So stop using your electrical devices in time. The blue light especially messes up with your body's ability to prepare for sleep.

Do you sleep on the right pillow for you? - 4

Of course it is very important where you sleep. You should of course feel at ease and comfortable, but it is also very important that you get enough support for your spine through your mattress and pillow. Many of the neck and / or back complaints arise during sleep. So ask yourself; do I have the right pillow and do I have the pillow I need? Want to know more about this? Click here and read our article. What kind of pillow you need has a lot to do with what type of sleeper you are and your body weight. Are you looking for a pillow that fits your needs and will always be the right pillow for you? Choose whichever sleeper you are, for a Franky's Pillow. With the different compartments and layers you can easily adjust the firmness and thickness of your pillow. So even if anything changes; your weight, your preferences and more. You can easily change the pillow with you. Click here for more information.

It's all in the ritual - 5

Your body really benefits enormously by consistency and fixed habits. We are creatures of habit and if you create a routine, for example by listening to soothing music every night, reading a book or drinking a hot cup of tea, your body will remember this. You can also create this by going to bed around the same time every night. This is of course not always easy, but this will certainly help you.

Do you have a question or do you want personal advice? We're always happy to help. Let us know in the comments or reach us on our socials. Or simple pin our photo below and save it for later.

5x best sleeping tips during quarantine