5x personal gifts for men this Christmas

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5x personal gifts for men this Christmas

I think we speak on behalf of all women when we say that every year it is incredibly difficult to find nice gifts for the men in our lives. Now that the first lights are appearing in the streets and Christmas is slowly making its appearance, it is time to share some inspiration again. Because what could be better than a personal gift for our men? We're as always happy to help you and share our top 5x personal gifts for men this Christmas.

A personal gift is always a good idea and you can go in any direction. In any case, the person will certainly feel that you have put in a lot of effort and time. And I think we can all use a little bit more of that, especially this year. 

5x personal gifts for men this Christmas

1. Brighten up the home office

Since almost everyone now works at home and this of course takes some adjusting and getting used to, it is nice to see if you can brighten up hubby's home office. Think of a mobile lab desk, a desk punching bag, wireless keyboard, letter board with a personal message or a small mini fridge. This is of course also a good idea for your brother, friend or dad!

2. His favourite food

Whether you are looking for a romantic gift for your boyfriend or a nice gift for a colleague, the love of the man still goes through the stomach. So choose a gift that has something to do with his favorite kitchen or simply go for the booze. Think of: cool BBQ accessories, whiskey cubes, wine bottle gift set, cocktail shaker, beer brewing package or a home package from one of your local restaurants in the area.

3. Game night

Ready set go! It's game night. Which men don't like to play a couple of board games? Yes, exactly none of them. Some popular ones currently are; escape room, cards against humanity, ticket to ride, monopoly and exploding kittens. Looking for fun games for 2? Then choose; caverna, uno, ticket to ride, jingo and rummikub.

5x personal gifts for men this Christmas

4. Plan a fun getaway

Normally planning a fun getaway is a bit more easy than nowadays. But you can create that spoke with your own date nights without even leaving the house. But now that you can't go to Paris, you can bring Paris to you. Or another favourite destination of course. Plan a fun night in with your favorite French wine, some of your favorite cheeses an old French movie and light some candles. Other fun ideas? Try a floor picnic, have a cook-off, have a movie marathon or have a home spa.

5. Franky's Pillow

Considering you spend a third of your life sleeping, a good nights rest is very important. Having a pillow that offers you the support you need is essential. Does he have a normal pillow? Then maybe it's time to change this. Why? Because every body is different so why isn't your pillow? Exactly the reason why you need to surprise him with his very own personalized Franky's Pillow. With the different compartments and layers you can easily adjust the firmness and thickness of your pillow. In this way, he'll sleep a lot better and be ready to conquer the day. Curious about what kind of sleeper he is and what pillow you need? Read more of our articles here.

5x personal gifts for men this Christmas

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