What kind of sleeper are you?


What kind of sleeper are you? 

Find out what kind of sleeper you are! Are you curious about whether you have the right sleeping position or if you really sleep as well as you think? In this article we from Franky's Pillow tell you everything about how you can improve your night's sleep. Invest in your rest and let Franky's take care of the rest.

One in three people indicate that they do not wake up completely rested in the morning.... So do you have trouble falling asleep? Finding out what type of sleeper you are can really help. A pillow that fits you perfectly is a must for this. It will give you exactly the support you need and will match your sleeping position. For example, did you know that there are three different types of sleepers? You didn't? We do and we'll tell you all about it in this article.

What kind of sleeper are you?

1. Stomach

While sleeping on your stomach is comfortable for a lot of people, it causes a lot of stress on the spine. Choose a pillow that gives you enough firmness to prevent your body from sinking to far into your bed to avoid too much pressure.

2. Back

This sleeping position is by far the most healthy option for most people. With the right pillow, this neutral position allows your head, back and spine to rest and energize.

3. Side

One common thing we've all heard about is that whether you sleep on your right or left side, it is not entirely illogical that this could cause pain in your shoulder and neck. But in combination with the perfect pillow, this position is optimal for your breathing and blood circulation.

There is good news, because which kind of sleeper you are, our pillow is the perfect choice for you. Even when you change your preferred sleeping position. With the different compartments and layers you can easily adjust the firmness and thickness of your pillow. The result is the perfect pillow for you. We're launching this Tuesday (12:oo CET) on Kickstarter, so make sure to back us here.

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