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Ambassador Ron

Ron van den Berg

Profession: physical therapist

Ron van den Berg has been working as a physiotherapist for more than 25 years. Before that he was already working on his passion: as a sports instructor helping athletes with training, recovery and rehabilitation. In that time Ron has laid a broad foundation to eventually develop from his passion into the physiotherapist he is today.

For some time now, Ron has been a very satisfied user of Franky's Pillow. Because of his background as a physical therapist, we therefore asked him some questions about Franky's Pillow.

"As an expert by experience, Ron states that the pillow is of excellent quality, feels perfect and because the pillow is height adjustable, he would recommend Franky's Pillow to anyone!"

Ron van den Berg, physical therapist

Background of Ron

Ron is a general physical therapist, but has a particular focus on athletes. He prefers to make sure that athletes who get injured get rid of pain quickly and rehabilitate from it, so that they can soon play sports again without pain. To best help patients and make a correct diagnosis, he uses ultrasound, among other methods. In addition, he also uses dry needling and shockwave to help his patients recover as quickly as possible.

His special interest in athletes stems from the fact that athletes often push their physical limits. Should they get injured unexpectedly, because they exceed those limits, athletes are often extra motivated to recover quickly and well in order to be able to pick up sports again. Through his expertise as a physiotherapist and experience as an athlete, he can give just that little extra to help injured people get back on track.

What is Ron's experience with Franky's Pillow?

Ron knows better than anyone that proper nutrition and recovery help prevent sports injuries. An important part of recovery is having a good night's sleep. A good night's sleep reduces stress and improves muscle recovery after a training session. Ron indicates that a key element to a good night's sleep is a good pillow. It is important to have a pillow where the body can adjust to the recumbent position. This recumbency is partly determined by the way the head rests on the pillow. And according to Ron, this is exactly where Franky's Pillow distinguishes itself. The pillow can be adjusted to any desired lying height because you can independently add or remove a layer. The shoulder/head position of the pillow is therefore perfectly adaptable to your personal posture.

On top of that, proper sleeping posture can help prevent neck pain. According to Ron, one of the elements that can help prevent neck pain is a pillow that can be optimally adjusted to the sleeping position. In fact, by having a good sleeping position, you may prevent neck pain and ensure that you can sleep undisturbed. This ensures optimal recovery of the body, which is something Ron encourages as a physical therapist.

As an experience expert, Ron states that the pillow is of excellent quality, feels perfect and because the pillow is height adjustable, he would recommend Franky's Pillow to anyone!

Getting the most out of your day starts with a good night's sleep!