The Story of Franky's Pillow

Hi, my name is Frank

I am the founder of Franky's. It's great that you are interested in our pillow and are curious about the story behind Franky's. We started Franky's with the aim of developing a pillow that is suitable for everyone. Whether you are small or large, sleep on your back or prefer to lie on your stomach or side. Franky's is put together at home and therefore provides a comfortable, healthy night's sleep for everyone.

The car accident

Years ago, I suffered whiplash in a car accident. A whiplash has major consequences. In the past you have been able to do a lot of things for yourself. You have to be able to deal with the situation in your own way. After many visits to the physiotherapist with little result, someone gave me the tip to look at a new pillow.

The search

No sooner said than done. And that is where the search began. How difficult it was! I tried several pillows and spent hundreds of euros, but nothing was really comfortable. They were too soft, too firm, not environmentally friendly or did not provide good neck support. How is it possible that a salesman recommends a pillow but doesn't like it at all? And why does a six-foot man with broad shoulders get to take home the same pillow as a slim six-foot woman? There must be another way, I thought.

The concept

And so there was the idea for Franky's. I wanted to develop my own pillow. A pillow that you can put together yourself and which is therefore suitable for every kind of sleeper. Not only if you have neck problems, but also if you just want to sleep comfortably.

But what makes Franky's unique? Not the composition of cushions. That already existed. What makes Franky's Pillow unique is that on the one hand you can combine different layers and on the other hand you use two compartments with two zips, so that you can compose not only the thickness but also the hardness yourself.

Franky's is born

I then gathered around me a team of the best developers and suppliers in the sleep industry. Together, we designed Franky's, the personalised pillow.

In consultation with experts, the properties of different materials were investigated and the most suitable materials determined. After all, it had to be the best of the best and the use of environmentally friendly, sustainable materials was a must. And we succeeded!

Need a good night's sleep?